Thursday, May 28, 2009


I notice toward the end of the interview that my interviewee was getting sad. When i asked the lasted question he even look depress when he said that coming here was the worse then he ever didn't because he left behind a life. He said that that you come here looking for a almost impossible dream. The dream of riches and economical stability. He was very emotional while saying that he regret it and lost some much to gain nothing. Lost his family, friend, and a good job. You can tell the difference in his body structure and they way he was talking from the begging of the interview and in the end. The begging he was tired but happy and in the end he was down and even looked depress.


  1. Good observations - see if you can include some of these in your essay!

  2. it's very interesting and i may have overlooked the thoughts you mentioned that an immigrant might have after moving to a country they had many hopes for, only to be brought to the reality that there is no place like that in the world. At least none that I've heard of. Great post. :3

  3. I agree with your thought!! my parents came to US in hopes of providing more for their children.
    But they had to work long hours without any time for themselve! Still, with this economy, they have to worry about their work more than ever.