Thursday, May 28, 2009


I notice toward the end of the interview that my interviewee was getting sad. When i asked the lasted question he even look depress when he said that coming here was the worse then he ever didn't because he left behind a life. He said that that you come here looking for a almost impossible dream. The dream of riches and economical stability. He was very emotional while saying that he regret it and lost some much to gain nothing. Lost his family, friend, and a good job. You can tell the difference in his body structure and they way he was talking from the begging of the interview and in the end. The begging he was tired but happy and in the end he was down and even looked depress.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Budget Hearing

The hearing was very useful. i though that the hike was all on Governor Patterson and in the hearing i found out that Mayor Bloomberg is for it too. I was disappointed that there were no politician there but it still gave us alot of useful information. I think that we should go protest because they are taking the money they need from the people who don't have money in the first place. Why don't you get all the money you lost from those rich people. They got the tax reeducation and now we are the ones who are paying for it. They can get the money they need from somewhere else.Why are you trying to hike up the prices in private school?Why are the hike for people who use public transportation?

Obama is about helping. It is time he helps us because we are going to CUNY school for a reason and they are trying to make it impossible because they are hiking up tuition. The people who are going to city school is because they don't have the resource to go to a private school. time for change!! Get Bloomberg and Patterson out of office now!!!! We need Politician who care about the average person not there rich friends!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Questions For Interveiw!

1) In what year did you come to new york?

2) How was into find a job?

3) What jobs did you do and why did you change?

4) Feelings toward the job?

5) How do you feel about the immigration laws?

6) How does the process finding a job differ from when you came?

7) Being an illegal immigrant when you came did it make it difficult to find and keep jobs?

8) What did you leave behind coming to new york?

9) How was the struggle?

10) Do u regret anything you did?

About Work!

I'm interested in people who work with kids. I would like to know how they feel about their job and if they find it to be work or don't notice that they are doing a job. The person i would like to interview doesn't work with children, but she has an interesting back ground with her job. She worked in a bank as an accounting and then she came to new york worked as a nanny and now in a deli. I would love to know how did she moved from working a high status job in a bank to nanny and from there into a deli.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Response to Levine's story and poem!

I think that Levine's story and poem is based on anger that he didn't get the job and that his bother had a job. I think that it related to the story in Terkel just because it a personal experience, but beside that i don't see it. It doesn't talk about doing a job or having to do two job just to getting by on the necessity. The poem is saying that work is a bad thing that it makes people mad. I t make you envy those who have a job because you don't know how to keep your mouth shut and wait for your turn to be interviewed.


Growing up I didn't notice a difference in gender roles. Men and women were working in the same places. They're women who worked in factory just like men. The only difference I seen between women and men was that men only had one job, but women had more then one job. Women had to be mother, cook , house cleaner, and so on. I didn't grow up with an idea that men or women should only do one type of job. Gender doesn't have anything to do with my goals in terms of work or in any other way. You can be whatever you want to be no matter if your male or female.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The status in the family is based on what the person does and how they treat the other family members. in family it is not really based on education or job but on how they are when you around them. The status between friends is based on how good the friendship is. The respect that you give them and the respect they give in return. A person status changes depending of the environment.